20 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2020

Chrome is the leading internet browser with 62.7% market shares. It has a beautiful design, amazing features and provides a fast browsing experience. However, its real strength is hidden in its web store, which has an endless list of extensions for more smart and effective work.

These extensions add some additional features to your chrome browser which then help you in managing your tasks and getting things done by removing all the distracting elements.

20 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Here are some best chrome extensions that you can use to improve your productivity. Let’s figure out your favourite ones and give them a try for better performance.

1. OneTab

While working through too many tabs on Chrome not only puts pressure on the browser memory but also drains the battery of your Pc.

So, to maintain your productivity and Pc’s battery life on a good level, you should add the extension “OneTab” to your Chrome browser.

OneTab Chrome Extension
OneTab Chrome Extension

It puts all the open tabs under a single tab page and lets you focus on one tab at a time. It saves up to 95% of your browser memory and increases battery life as well.

This extension is very helpful when you work as a freelancer or writes for own blog.

2. Noisli

Noisli is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity. It has an endless list of sounds like fire crackling, Rain falling, the sound of storm, wood noises, sound of the wind, crickets, coffee shop chatter, and more.

Noisli Chrome Extension
Noisli Chrome Extension

You can use the most suitable sound combination to stay focused on work. This tool is more effective when you are working in a place where the background noise is too high that distracts you from work.

Add this extension to your chrome browser and select the best sound effect, connect your headphone and let’s see the boost it bring to your work.

3. Adblock Plus

While reading an important article no one wants to distract by any item, but the annoying ads on the website do the same.

You may have searched for a gaming console or a laptop half-month ago, but they keep following you everywhere on the internet and trying to sell them to you anyway.

Adblock Plus - free ad blocker Chrome Extension
Adblock Plus – free ad blocker Chrome Extension

So, to stop all those unnecessary disturbing stuff, you should add Adblock Plus extension to your chrome browser. This will block ads from websites, YouTube and Facebook as well.

Though most of the websites earn their income from advertising, so it will be disappointing for all those bloggers. However, this extension provides a customization option where you can relax the restriction for your favourite blogs.

4. Stylish

There are many web pages on the internet that shares useful information but doesn’t have a pleasing interface to read. Stylish helps you to customize the page and make it smoother for your eyes.

Stylish - Custom themes for any website Chrome Extension
Stylish – Custom themes for any website Chrome Extension

It has special designed themes for sites like Reddit, Google, Facebook and also for video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It also allows to edit any default theme and create a new one as well.

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5. Save To Pocket

There are plenty of valuable articles are available to read on the internet. But we can’t read them all at a time, this is where the “Save To Pocket” extension plays an important role.

Save to Pocket Chrome Extension
Save to Pocket Chrome Extension

It is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity that helps to save all the articles, images, files that you want to access later. Once you add anything in the list, it automatically syncs across all your devices.

So, whenever you’ll get free time, you can easily jump to the list from your smartphone, tablet or Pc and grab all the information from it. Moreover, when you are adding something to the list, it will suggest more relevant topics that you might like to read.

6. LastPass

For using different online services, we need to sign up to enter into their interface. But it is difficult to remember all those passwords, so we end up using the same password for every service, which increases the chance of fishing or hacking.

But with LastPass, you can store all your login details and can access them across devices securely. You only need to remember one master password i.e. LastPass’ Password and it automatically fills the respective password when required.

LastPass - Free Password Manager Chrome Extension
LastPass – Free Password Manager Chrome Extension

It also helps generate a strong password which is difficult to guess for anybody. You can also add your credit card details, so you can access it quickly for instant payment.

It saves you’re a lot of time and let you focus on work without wondering the password you used for any service.

7. StayFocused

With lots of good things on the internet, there are also some distractions as well like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc.

They normally eats-up hours of a day without your knowing. So, if you can’t keep yourself out of their clutches, then let “StayFocused” handle them for you.

StayFocusd Chrome Extension
StayFocusd Chrome Extension

This chrome extension lets you set a timer for each website that distracts you from work. Suppose you set a time of 20 minutes for Facebook, 10 minutes for Reddit and 15 minutes for Twitter. You can check all these websites throughout the day, but not more than the time limit you have set.

Once the time limit exceeds, you have to wait for the next day to again use the service. In this way, you can focus more on your work rather on disturbing stuff.

However, you can customize its setting for a particular day like Sunday when you want to spend more time on entertainment. So, it won’t limit Netflix on that day.

8. Todoist

In a busy schedule, everyone has a lot of tasks to perform, while some of them are missed as well. That’s why the need for a task manager becomes important who can organize all our tasks and reminds us what to do next or if we missed any.

Todoist for Chrome Extension
Todoist for Chrome Extension

Todoist is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity where you can add all your tasks to complete and it will remind you one by one as per the order you set them. You can also create sub-part of any task to make it easier to finish before due time.

9. Papier

While working on any project or to write a blog post we do a lot of researches and also come across many important points as well. But by the time we start putting all our thoughts at one place some of them have forgotten.

Papier Chrome Extension
Papier Chrome Extension

Don’t take too much stress for that, let Papier handle them all for you. This chrome extension allows you to take notes and save them.

So, when you start work, you can access all the data you save there and finish your task on time.

10. Toggl

You can call Toggl as the cousin of Todoist, as it has all further features to keep you productive on work.

With this extension enabled on your chrome browser, you can track the time you take to finish a work.

Toggl Button - Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome Extension
Toggl Button – Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome Extension

Once you install the extension, click on it and a small menu will pop-out where you can see the time you spend on recent activities. You can also set the timer for every task and web tools to manage your work more efficiently.

11. Buffer

If you are one of the people who share the same post across all the social medial platforms that you are in now, then Buffer is the tool to use to get the job done quickly.

Buffer Chrome Extension
Buffer Chrome Extension

It automates the uploading process across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. By using this tool, you can upload the post immediately or select a high traffic time to grab more attention.

It also shows some interesting content from the internet which you would like to share on different social media handles without even opening the apps.

12. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best chrome extensions for students as well as for blog writers to avoid any type of grammatical mistakes.

Once you install the extension to chrome and enable it, from the next time you write anything on chrome like writing an email or a post on Quora, it will point out all the grammatical mistakes and suggest the correct ones.

Grammarly for Chrome Extension
Grammarly for Chrome Extension

Moreover, while reading a blog post, if you failed to understand any particular word, then by double-clicking on that word, it will show the definition and synonyms for better understanding. But for that, you need to enable the toggle for “show definition and synonyms via double clicks” from the extension.

13. Loom

Whether you want to record a music video, demonstration process of troubleshooting, or code reviews, this is the tool that you should add to your chrome browser.

Loom for Chrome Extension
Loom for Chrome Extension

It also provides sharing options, so once you complete the recording, you can easily share it with a single person or teammates within no time.

You can also customize the recording to make it more impactful. It cuts down the time of writing an email explaining the actual process to follow.

14. ClickUp

ClickUp is a useful chrome extension that everyone would like to have. What makes it great is its five-in-one functionality which will help you to remain productive during work hours.

ClickUp - Tasks, Screenshots, Email, Time Chrome Extension
ClickUp – Tasks, Screenshots, Email, Time Chrome Extension

With this tool, you can make your to-do-list, capture screenshots, add websites or pages to access later, track the time you spend on different websites and create new tasks with email.

So, with the help of this extension, you can accomplish some of your frontlines works easily.

15. Airstory

This is another note-taking extension that helps in the drag and drop process. While reading an article, quotes, Quora posts you might come across something interesting which you want to save and use later.

Airstory Chrome Extension
Airstory Chrome Extension

You can easily take notes from the internet and save them to the Airstory extension and pick them up at the time of requirement. This is one of the best chrome extensions for students to take important notes easily.

16. Mailtrack

Though mail is an essential part of the cooperative world for faster and effective communication. However, there is no WhatsApp like feature to know whether the recipient has been read your mail or not.

So, if you want to check whether your client or colleague has opened your mail or not, then Mailtrack will help to do so.

Email Tracking for Gmail - Mailtrack Chrome Extension
Email Tracking for Gmail – Mailtrack Chrome Extension

Once you add this extension to your chrome browser, it syncs all the emails you sent or receive. It shows single tic (✓) for the emails that have been sent, but not opened and double tic (✓✓) for emails that have been opened.

By using this tool, you can also able to know when and how many times the mail has been opened. It also lets you filter all the read and unread emails to go through work easily.

17. Giphy

GIFs play an important role in whether you want to create an effective email, user-generated blog post or even a funny social media post.

But finding a relevant GIF from the internet might take a lot of time, while there are other important works to do as well.

GIPHY for Chrome Extension
GIPHY for Chrome Extension

However, with Graphy’s wide database of GIFs, you can easily discover a suitable GIF for your content with no time.

18. Momentum

Momentum is an awesome chrome extension for productivity that gives attractive background images for every new Chrome tab you open.

Momentum Chrome Extension
Momentum Chrome Extension

On every image, it shows the local time at the center position, weather update at the top right corner, an inspirational quote at the bottom and allows to add to-do-task for the day.

So, every time you open a new tab on the chrome browser, it will give you a charming interface that inspires you to focus on work effectively.

19. Hunter

In the time of social networking and lead generation, it becomes important to approach the right person through the correct email address or social media handles.

Install this extension to your chrome browser and whenever you visit a website click on the icon and it will show all the email addresses linked to the website.

Hunter - Find email addresses in seconds Chrome Extension
Hunter – Find email addresses in seconds Chrome Extension

It shows verified email address and their confidence scores and sources, so you can go with them without any doubt.

If you know the name of the person whom you want to contact, then enter his/her name in the search box and it will show the authentic email address to contact.

20. Facebook News Feed Eradicator

We all have few of those friends who constantly post or share unnecessary stuff on Facebook. But we can’t unfriend or block them because it will create some disturbances in our friendship.

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Chrome Extension
News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Chrome Extension

But what if I told you there is a way in which they’ll remain as your friend on Facebook but what they post won’t show in your news feed. If that makes any sense for you, then you should install Facebook News Feed eradicator on your chrome browser.

It will remove all those annoying posts and replace them with Inspirational quotes. So, the next time you visit your Facebook profile, you won’t be distracted by any illusive posts.


These are some of the best chrome extensions for productivity which you should add to your chrome browser to boost focus. These extensions will manage your day-to-day tasks by creating a to-do-list, tracking time you spend for works or on websites, manage social medial handles effectively, taking notes easily and a lot more. So, by using these tools you will remain productive throughout the day.

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