Facebook’s Redesigned Desktop Site Now Rolling Out to All Users Worldwide

Social media giant Facebook’s new desktop site is now available to all users worldwide. In March, Facebook started out rolling the redesigned site to the majority of the users. But now the company said that the design changes will be visible to all the users’ across the globe.

According to Facebook this new Facebook.com design is simpler and easier to use, with the features you know and love. It is said to be faster than the previous one.

Facebook.com is getting a more optimistic navigation approach with these design changes. This brings the easy discovery of videos, games, and even groups. According to them, the home page and other page transitions are optimized to load much faster and provide users the same experience as in the mobile.

Facebook started showing popup inside the website to try the new design. You can choose that option to land on the new one.

If you want to turn on the new design and try the dark mode immediately, then follow the below steps:

  • To pull up old Facebook’s settings menu click on the down arrow icon at the end of the upper menu bar.
  • Find an option named “Switch to new Facebook.” Just click on that and you would be redirected to the new design.
  • Click the same down arrow in the new interface and toggle dark mode from off to on.

There is a left sidebar that features your profile link, the dedicated COVID-19 Information Centre page, Watch, and quick links to joined groups among other things. On the right sidebar, you would get Friends list and the feed takes all the space in the center.

Facebook has been continuing the same old design for a decade. We have not seen any major design changes within that period. This is the most remarkable design change to provide users a modern look.

Facebook finally rolled out the much-awaited Dark Mode feature on its web app for all users. As you know the Dark Mode is now available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The top panel in the news feed section also has news options to Watch a section that lists all recommended videos according to viewing history and likes. There is also a new ‘Gaming’ option that lists all the games that you can play without leaving Facebook.

The whole interface has changed and Facebook said it is already available for all the users. If the new interface not loaded when you log in to Facebook, then you can follow the above steps to get it instantly.

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