Google Meet Is Now Free for Everyone

The demand for video calling platforms is skyrocket. Google Meet, the video conferencing service offered by the search engine giant is now available for free.

Due to the global pandemic, people are forced to stay home and prefer to connect with their friends and colleagues.

Google Meet is available free to everyone with a Google account. To compete with the existing platforms like ZOOM, this is an impressive move from the company.

Google Meet is not a new feature launched by the company. If you’ve never heard of Google Meet, then it’s obvious. Previously, this tool is known as Google Hangouts Meet. The service was only limited to business and education customers.

Google said that anyone can sign up to the Meet and all they need is a Google account starting from May. Users will also get the same features that were previously available in the Meet for business and education users. Some of the features like screen sharing, real-time captions, expanded tiled view, etc.

Google Meet will start rolling out from the first week of May. It takes a few weeks to reach Google Account holders. However, Google has given a ‘Notify me’ landing page where you can enter some basic information and be notified when you get free access.

Google also revealed that Meet is adding about 3 million new users every day. In addition to that Meet’s daily meeting participants crossed 100 million. By seeing the number we can say that this is a very significant increase in the user base.

Google Meet can be used by individuals, teams, organizations, businesses, governments, institutes, schools, and higher-ed learning institutions.

Once the free version is available for everyone, you’ll be able to host meetings and add up to 100 participants for up to 60 minutes. Initially, there would be no limit on the time of the call. The limitation would be applied after September 30.

Zoom is facing security and privacy issues, and many users forced to leave the platform. Now Google Meet is available for free and will give direct competition to Zoom.

You can use Google Meet for free on the Web as well as through Android and iOS mobile apps.

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