Google Rolls Out The Virtual Visiting Card in India

Google has rolled out a new feature named “people cards” in India to let individuals create their profile on its search engine.

The company has been testing the feature for a while and now it’s live. It brings a virtual visiting cards-like feature to Google Search. Entrepreneurs Influencers, freelancers, or anyone else who wants to be easily discovered online can create a virtual visiting card.

This feature is now only available in India the world’s second-largest internet market. Currently, People cards only support English. Other languages would be added in the future.

How to Create a People Card

This feature now available for mobile users only. This means that you need to log in to your Google Account on your mobile device to create your public profile or people card.

Follow the below steps to create a people card.

Step 1 – Open Chrome browser and sign in to your Google account.

Step 2 – Search your name on Google or enter the query “add me to Search”. You’ll now see a prompt saying, “Add yourself to Google Search.”

Step 3 – On the next step, Google you will be asked to provide your phone number. It will be verified through a six-digit OTP to begin the process. Complete that process.

Step 4 – Now you will see a form to create your public profile. Add your name, location, occupation, description, education, hometown, websites, and social media profiles, and other details.

After filling all the fields click on Process and complete the setup.

You have the independence to decide how much information you want to add in your People card.

One can opt-out anytime and the People card won’t be shown further.

You might be thinking about what would happen if a name has multiple people cards. It is a very common scenario and in this case, you would get multiple modules.

Searchers can use the provided information on the People card to distinguish between the different individuals.

The main purpose of people cards is to allow individuals to have a public profile and display it on Google Search. It will be placed on top of all results.

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