Twitter Rolls Out Limited Reply Feature to Everyone

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that allows users to control who can reply to their tweets. After three months of testing, the feature has finally rolled out to everyone.

Before posting a tweet, users will now be able to choose who can reply to it. The options would be people you follow, only the people mentioned in the tweet, or everyone. The default setting would allow everyone to retweet.

This is a bold step towards unwanted replies and keeps users away from toxic comments. This will also lead to meaningful conversation.

The new feature is now available in Android and iOS apps, as well as for the Web version. If you are not seeing this option right now then don’t worry. It would be available very soon as the rollout may take some time to reach each user of Twitter.

Follow the below steps to choose who can reply to your Tweet:

Step 1: Open or the Twitter mobile app and tap on the Compose Tweet button.

Step 2: Click or tap the globe icon at the bottom of your tweet to choose who can reply to your Tweet.

Step 3: You can pick from the ‘Everyone’, ‘People you follow’, or ‘Only people you mention’ options.

Step 4: Once you finalize your preferred settings, compose your Tweet, and click or tap to post it.

According to another report, Twitter has started testing an automatic translation feature for tweets.

There is already a translation feature available on Twitter, but it’s not automatic. Users need to click on the translate option to see the tweet in the translated form.

But the upcoming feature automatically translating tweets into a person’s native language.

Tweets, where you have selected the limited reply options, will be labeled as the same. In this case, the reply icon will be greyed out for those people who can’t reply to it. However, everyone on Twitter can see, like, and retweet these tweets.

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