20 Most Useful Websites for Students in 2020

For a student, life is full of learning and exploring new things here are the 20 best useful websites for students. Based on the class or subject taken, the curriculum may vary but all have the same intention.

As a student, you might have ever experienced that there should be some more resources for some topics. Sometimes students miss certain classes due to some reasons and costs a lot.

Although the school/college library is a good source to expand knowledge. But it is not enough and the library is not satisfactory for everyone.

To know more and being productive, you can use the digital medium. This might be the best time to be a college student. Whether you are struggling to do your assignments or want to research a specific topic, you would find them all.

The Internet is full of websites and resources waiting for someone to explore. I have done some research and found some of the most useful websites for students.

So let’s get started.

20 Best useful Websites for Students

Below is a list of websites and online resources that will help you in various aspects.

1: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest websites in the world has thousands of in-depth topic analysis. This is one of the biggest sources of knowledge for a student.


If you have to know some about some topic, then search it on Wikipedia. You would get all the history and present of the topic. While exploring a particular topic you will discover some more subtopics that are interlinked on that article.

2: Edx.org

Edx is one of the biggest online platforms for MOOC (massive open online courses). If you want to expand your skill then you can access their free online courses.


There are over 2500 courses from 140 leading universities in the world. You would find almost every major topic and join the online class.

It is a global non-profit organization aimed to provide online courses and resources. Visit their website and browse the course section.

3: Coursera.org

Coursera.org is a leading platform for online courses from world-class universities and companies. If you want to learn something new or acquire a skill with a certificate this platform is also helpful.

This platform is designed to provide top class courses with on-demand video lectures, homework assignments, and community discussion forums.


There are hundreds of free and paid courses available to enhance your skills. You can get mastery on a specific topic by enrolling in a Specialization. After completion, you would get a specialization certificate that you can show on job interviews

Coursera has a mobile learning facility and you access their courses through Android and iOS devices.

4: Instructables.com

Instructables is the world’s leading platform for making and fixing things yourself. It is categorized in the various section where you would get different topics.

It is an online community where people share various step-by-step descriptions of projects. Using this website, you can learn how to make breakfast on how to use 3D printing devices.


There are many creative and interesting projects out there. You can learn them and make your own for school or college projects. Using their tutorials, you can fix certain things yourself.

You can register as a member and start sharing your skill and creativity. You can post a specific request where other members would answer it through step by step descriptions.

5: Howcast.com

Howcast is an awesome website for the student to become smart and stand out from the friend circle. This website contains hundreds of how-to articles on various topics.

You can get interesting tricks and step by step discussion of topics ranges from arts and crafts to love and relation.


All the posts contain video demonstrations so that you can get the topic correctly. Below you would get a transcription of the video. Howcast embeds all the YouTube videos uploaded on their channel. Currently, they have more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

They have covered almost everything as you would ever need in student life. They have resolved common issues among students in a nice manner.

You can also various tricks and things that are sufficient to impress your friends.

6: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a leading online platform giving various educational courses for free. It is a non-profit organization (based on a donation model) with the mission to provide a free and world-class education to everyone.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

You would find lectures, study materials, assignments starting from class 1 to university level. Their study resources are available in 36 languages.

You would also get lectures and study materials for various entrance exams like IIT JEE, MCAT, etc. Just create a free account on Khan Academy and you are good to go.

7: Grammarly

Grammarly is the most famous writing app. It helps to write effective and mistake-free sentences. Grammarly helps you eliminate various writing errors and suggests perfect words to express yourself.

This is one of the best productivity apps that should have in your browser. You can also check grammatical mistakes in the Grammarly website.

Grammarly for Chrome Extension
Grammarly for Chrome Extension

It is freely available as a free Chrome extension. Install and it will start indicating errors and suggest the best possible words or phrases.

The best use of this app is in writing assignments. You can check your easy with this app and make it grammatical mistake-free. 

8: Coggle.it

Do you use mind maps to memorize a complex process in an easy way? If your answer is yes, then you would fall in love with this website.

Coggle is an online mindmap and flow charts making tool. No need to download and install this tool because it works on the browser. This a web-based application where you would find various tools to make diagrams.


The website interface is quite clean and you won’t face any difficulty to draw diagrams.

Just log in to your Coggle account and start creating diagrams. There is a reals time collaboration feature that allows inviting your friends and colleagues to work with you and helps to make diagrams.

Once you have done the diagram, you can share it with your friends. There is a free plan to get started.

9: StudentRecipes.com

Do you cook your food? This website would be helpful for you. Many students prepare their food and save some money. Cooking food often challenging for a newbie as he/she has no idea how to make various items.

As the name suggests, StudentRecipes.com contains thousands of recipes process. All the dishes listed here take a little time to prepare that best fits student.


The dishes listed here contain video tutorials so that you can watch the whole process step by step. There is also a written version describing all the steps.

10: OpenLibrary.org

OpenLibrary.org is one of the biggest online libraries in the world. It contains millions of books in almost every category.

If you want to have some books in a specific subject then find it here. In addition to that, you would get hundreds of other books that will increase your reading habits.


You would get a PDF file as well as an audio version of every book listed here. You can download the PDF version or use the audio version on the go.

11: KeepMeOut.com

As a student, your focus should be on study instead of on any other thing in the world. With the increase of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and video consuming platforms like YouTube and TikTok, students are diverted from the study.

After using the platforms for a few days or weeks, it became an addiction. In this way, students spend more and more time browsing these websites.


If you want to stay away from social media then KeepMeOut.com would be helpful for you. It is an online application that is designed to overcome the addiction of visiting certain websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc too frequently.

Visit KeepMeOut and enter the website URL you are addicted to. Set the time and submit. Then you would get s URL that you have to save in your browser. After that whenever you visit the site frequently, this will send you a warning.

12: CourceHero.com

CourseHero is an online education platform that provides course-specific study materials and resources. As you landed on the website, you would find that they have mentioned that the site contains 30 million course-specific study materials. All the materials are contributed by students as well as educators.


You would also get study guides, notes, practice sheets, and videos with a step-by-step explanation. If you study at Course Hero, you can get a chance to win scholarships.

The pricing plans of Course Hero are affordable and start from $9.95 per month. You can upload your study documents to the Course Hero platform and get free access to other study documents listed in their library.

13: Groupon

Students have limited pocket money. So they always search for low-cost deals and offers. It is sometimes painful to find better deals and also wants some time to search them.


To save time and get awesome deals of various items, you can head to Groupon. You can get deals on beauty and spa to the hotel and travel.

This might not essential for a student as the website contains deals and offers on other things. But you would get hundreds of dollars every year using Groupon.

14: Freecycle

Freecycle is an awesome platform for giveaway unwanted things. If you turn your eyes around the rooms you would found many things that are necessary to you anymore. But they are still in your house and taking space.

You would find things like old furniture, appliances, books, dresses, old bikes, etc. Instead of keeping it or throw it to the junkyard, you can donate them through Freecycle.


This is a giant platform for giving and getting things. As someone has given an item, one can get it on the other hand if he/she needs it.

If you are looking for something, then search it on Freecycle once. Instead of buying items, you can get it for free.

15: Mint.com

Mint is a free budgeting and personal finance app. Mint’s primary feature is all about savings and tracking expenses.

You can add your accounts and the tool will start tracking. According to the service, the kept the data private and won’t share it with anyone.


It takes only a few seconds to free sign up, and add new accounts. Using this tool you can create goals like paying for a credit card or saving for a new bike.

You can set reminders for bills and dues through this app and it will send reminders accordingly. Mint app is also available on Google Play Store and iOS store.

16: Google Calendar

Managing time is one of the most important things for a student. There are regular tasks and schedules in student life. Keeping all the dates and tasks is seems difficult sometimes.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a useful app for the student to keep track of everything. Mark the important dates with quick notes and set a reminder as well. You would get a notification on that day so that you would not miss any important thing.

You can also set personal goals like “go to the gym at 6 AM”. The app will notify you at that time.

17: AcademicEarth.org

AcademicEarth is based on the premise that everyone deserves to get a world-class education. This platform has been providing quality courses for a long time.


You would get online course content from the world’s leading and prestigious universities such as Stanford and Princeton. If you don’t get admission from these universities then don’t worry, you can still access their courses through AcademicEarth.

This platform contains video lectures and text-based courses in various subjects.

18: Brainly

Have you ever stuck at homework and wanted help? Then you would love this platform. Brainly is the world’s largest knowledge-sharing community where students and experts helping others to crack their toughest homework questions.


Their community is big and claimed to have 150 million students and experts. You can ask a question on any subject and get an answer from the community.

On the other hand, if you are good at any subject, then you can answer other’s questions.

19: Mathway

You might have browsed hundreds of educational websites before for math problems. But I bet that you have not seen any website like Mathway.

It is a smart website where you can get an answer instantly. You can ask questions about various parts of mathematics like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc. In addition to that, you would also get answers for Chemistry problems.


There is a smart keyboard where you can enter your problem. Then the tool will search in their database. If it found the question in their database then it would return the answer with step by step process. If it doesn’t find then a community member would answer it as soon as possible.

20: Save to Pocket

In this list, I have listed some useful websites that might be helpful for students. To say frankly, these are not the only ones present on the web.

According to your specific needs, you might get many other websites and posts helpful. But how can you list and arrange them?

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket

Well, the solution is Save to Pocket browser extension. This is something like a bookmark but has many advanced features. This is free to use and you can save any number of URLs to this.

This also allows cross-platform access where you can access URLs on any device. You can categorize those URLs in different categories according to your needs.

At the time of browsing the web, if you found any website or post interesting, then just click on the Save to Pocket icon and it would be saved. Further, you can explore them.


So these are some of the most useful websites for students. In the above list, I have mentioned various websites for different needs.

Do you know any other website that would be helpful for a student on a different aspect that I have listed above? Let others know in the comment section.

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