WhatsApp to Enable Syncing of Chat History Across Platforms

WhatsApp is working on syncing chat history across platforms. This feature is rumored to allow users to use WhatsApp account on a total of four devices simultaneously.

WhatsApp feature finder WABetaInfo noticed this feature first. The instant messaging platform starts syncing chat history across platforms and supports multiple devices on its platform. It would help users seamlessly switch from one device to another.

Currently, WhatsApp is showing chat history on its Web client and desktop app. But the report said that the messaging app wants to go further and enable syncing in case of mobile devices as well.

It is important to note that all the devices synchronizing the chat history would require a Wi-Fi connection. Then one device can share data with the other one. Once the sync completed the primary device won’t need WiFi or internet connection.

This is quite different than the WhatsApp web. You need to have an active Internet connection on your primary mobile device if you’re using WhatsApp Web or its desktop app.

WhatsApp is also working on cross-platform syncing of chat history for iPad users as well. This means that it would help you to use WhatsApp on both your devices like iPhone and iPad at the same time. But what would the actual use case scenario for this?

The cross-platform syncing functionality may work between desktop and mobile devices. But there is no clarity on whether WhatsApp would enable syncing between two mobile platforms like Android and iPhone devices.

WhatsApp hasn’t made any confirmation about this feature. It is under development.

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