YouTube Android App Tests Placing Comments Below the Video Description

In the last few months, YouTube has been changing its Android apps designs. Some of the major design changes include channel previews in the comments section, added a new “Explore” tab on the main windows to help users find new videos. We have also seen new filters arrived in the subscription feed.

Now, YouTube is testing another UI update in the Android app. It will put comments under the video description and makes easier for users to check.

In the current version, you can find the comment section under the recommended section beneath each video. If you put comments frequently then you should scroll down and each time to reach the comment section.

There is no limit on how much-recommended videos you will get under a playing video. This depends on the currently playing video and your watch history. So you need to scroll down and leave a comment.

YouTube realized this issue and testing this new feature where the comment section would be accessed easily.

The new UI update is now available for selected users in the new version 15.14.33 of the YouTube app on Android. As you can see in the screenshots, no need to scroll through recommended videos to reach on the comments section.

Instead, the comments now appear with an option named “GO TO COMMENTS” within a small window just underneath the video.

I wanted to check this feature on my device’s YouTube Android app. At the time of writing this post, this update is not available on my device. Although I have installed the latest version of the app, the feature is not available. This indicates that the update has not rolled out for everyone until now.

I just hanging around Twitter and found that many people have already got this update and passing negative feedbacks. Meanwhile, YouTube is testing the feature and planning to mass rollout soon.

This update indicates that YouTube wants viewers to leave a comment on videos. Let’s see how viewers are reacting to this design update.

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